Friday, September 5, 2008

Idaho and Freshman Orientation

Ah wow, things have been SOO crazy hectic for me this past week or so.

To start, my last day as a nanny ended on Friday. Hope gave me a beautiful necklace and I bawled my eyes out.. I'm a baby, I know. It was way harder than I thought to say goodbye. I love the kids I watch as if they were my own. I have a sleepover planned with them though so it's all good :) Jona, the 5 year old, called me today too which was stinkin adorable!

we also moved Sarah to Jarome, Idaho where her boyfriend/fiance is building a hospital. He's actually building it in Gooding, but they both moved to Jarome. It's good that she finally gets to be close to him since he was living in Arizona, and she here in Utah. It was a fun trip though! Nichole came up on friday and we stayed up til 4:30 packing and cleaning up the house (our roommates decided to move out on us and not help us clean at all, so we had to pack all of sarahs stuff up and then clean EVERYTHING... I'm not bitter at all :) we woke up at 7 and continued packing and cleaning.. surprisingly, I wasn't tired at all! Weird, I know. So we got up to Idaho Saturday night, and our family was able to meet us there and hang out with us and Ryan for the weekend. It was amazing. I have the greatest family in the world.

As for this weekend.... I'm in the Student Council here at LDSBC, or the ASB. However you prefer to say it. I'm the Secretary/Treasurer/Historian/anything else.. ha. I honestly do EVERYTHING that no one else wants to do, but oh well it doesn't really bother me.... so I've basically lived at the school this whole weekend. Yesterday, Thursday, I got to the school at 10:00am... and got home at 10:30pm.. When I got home I realized I hadn't even eated BREAKFAST yet ha ha.. that's the story of my life though! Sooo busy. Today was sweet though. Orientation started and the council members all made a huge grand entrace on 4-wheelers that an ATV rental store close by let us borrow for free :) It was awesome and all the students think we're amazing.. I mean we are, but at least they know it too huh? HA HA. totally kidding! But council has actually ended up being more of a blessing than a burden for me. The pay is terrible and hours are exhausting, but I've met some amazing people being in the ASB and interacting with teachers and staff. It's easier to succeed in a class when the teacher personally knows you and knows of your potential... School starts on Monday and oh boy, I'm nooot even a little excited! I haven't bought books or anything yet HA I know, procrastination! Well I want to put pictures up of orientation, so maybe I'll do that in a little bit...
that's all . the end !