Sunday, August 17, 2008

Temple Square and Belly Dancing haha

So Mom and Ali leave tomorrow morning with Krista Woodward to go back home. I'm really bummed that they are leaving already, but it was so good to see them! We went to temple square today and watched the Joseph Smith movie. I forgot that Alisyn had never seen it or been to temple square- so she was full of all sorts of questions! After the movie, she looked up at me and said "Joseph was a good prophet" and then she started bawling. It made me almost cry to see how at such a young age, she was filled with the spirit. She is such an amazing little girl!!

On a more casual note, my friend got back from Dubai about a month ago, (her dad works for Ford and does international business over there) and brought me back a belly dance outfit since that's big in the middle east. Well Alisyn put it on and gave us a show... I didn't think she even knew what belly dancing was- maybe she's seen me dance a little too much around the house! haha... I posted her video on here because it makes me laugh :) she said she wants to be a dancer so she can be a better cheerleader than I ever was... I thought that was pretty funny.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

My Family

It's kinda crazy how I never thought I'd get homesick being away from home for the first time, but this summer has just been KILLER! I went home for the whole month of April, and it feels like I haven't seen my family for years! ha! I just really wish I would have spent the whole summer at home, but then again, I am more than blessed to have the job I have and being able to spend one last summer with Sarah before she gets married.

I moved to Provo the beginning of May with Sarah. It's been fun... but reminds me that I'm not sure if I ever want to live in Provo.... I've never dated so much in my life, yet I hate it. Weird, I know... I kinda just wish there was only one person for me to hang out with. One guy to date... one person to hang out with every weekend.... I duno- just gets annoying going on date after date! Last week I went on 5 dates. Just irritating I guess. But then again, think about all the free food I get Bahaha! I'm just kidding!

Sooo, basically- I think one of the biggest reasons why I'm so homesick is because it's really hard for me to go on so many dates without thinking about my dad and brothers. They really are the most amazing men I have ever met in my entire life! I compare every single guy I go on a date with with my little brothers or my dad. Though my younger brothers are only 15 and 12, they are amazing examples to me and are spiritual giants! I'm so grateful for such amazing men in my life! :) My mom and Alisyn are here for about ten days, and it's sooo fun to be with them! Ali is getting sooo huge and it's crazy how fast she's growing up! My mom is beautiful, and I hope when I get all old like her, I'll be just as gorgeous as she is :) :) I love her SO much!

Basically, I have the greatest family in the entire world. Don't even try to argue with me! Ha!

My Job

So, my job is definitely amazing.

I'm a nanny for a family in Draper. The commute is a drag, but I get paid enough to justify the gas price- and plus. The kids are absolutely amazing! The cutest dang kids alive! Honestly :)

Jona is 5 and never runs out of energy. Sometimes he gets super hyper, but he's really fun. He's in afternoon kindergarten on a year-round school, so he leaves everyday around 12.

is 17 months and he is STINKIN' cute! He really is the perfect little baby! He never cries unless he is hurt or sick. He sleeps everyday from 10:30-2:00, and he is really good at signing. He signs eat, more, all done, thank you, please, book, cat, bird, milk, no and yes. He hasn't really started talking yet, but he does say "momma", "dadda", and occasionally he'll yell "en" when he wakes up from his nap and wants me to come get him! He is sooo adorable. He made up all his own noises for animals, and some of them are pretty funny. Definitely not the typical animal sounds.