Friday, October 24, 2008


Sarah got engaged on Saturday, October 18th... the day before my birthday! :)

We are all SO happy for her and Ryan, and couldn't have asked for a better guy in her life! He is absolutely amazing and although he makes fun of me on a day to day basis, I'm quite used to being the center of all jokes. HA...

I think they're both extremely blessed to have eachother.. I dunno if Ry could have found any girl who could put up with his goofiness all day long... and I'm pretty sure Sarah couldn't have found a better guy that fits all her "criteria" both spiritually and temporally... they're both hilarious and I am so anxious to see how their kids turn out.. haha

they have a blog now. It's You can go there for all the fun details about the engagement! ahh yay. One Davidson girl down.. only three more to go! C'mon guys- let's get with the program here! Well Ali better take about 15 more years before considering marriage, but the other two of us... we're a-waitin! HA

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Conference Weekend

So this weekend was definitely a fun one! Nichole came up from Vegas, Mindy surprised me and came down from Rexburg... AND I finally got to see Matt. He's no longer Elder Mackay- and it's really weird, yet exciting to have him around again. Well he's in WA, and I'm here but still... it was definitely good to spend time with him! He is such an amazing person in my life!

Anyway- so Nichole and Mindy both came in late Friday night- and they stayed with me at the Serrell's where I was house/dog sitting for them. We had fun just catching up on life and laughing about stupid things... on Sunday morning, we had the BEST breakfast ever! We had breakfast casserole.. (however you spell that) and then these monkeybread type carmel deliciousness.. I don't really know how to explain them- we call them pull-aparts.. ha... so we ate up and watched conference. Conference was really good! I know every time I always think, "that was the best conference yet." but I really do think this was one if not THE best conference yet. ha... it was wonderful! last year, I got to go to all 4 sessions, but this year I didn't go to any which is a bummer but I mean the Church is true no matter where you go, right?! :)