Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Updates on the Crazy life of Jenn....

Disclaimer: This post may end up being quite the post.... mostly extremely long!

Where to even start... I feel like there has been so many amazing and crazy events happening in my life right now. Let's just get started with my dad....

My dad is doing actually extremely well. I know that is because of all your prayers! His heart as a whole is operating at 25% instead of just his left side. Wow. What an incredible miracle! My father is a man of faith, and with his faith and all your support/prayers/fasts, I know he is being healed. His doctor has pushed his operation back and is hoping that we can completely avoid the surgery all together! Another amazing and wonderful blessing and miracle! He is going strong and I LOVED going home to visit him and my family for a few days. They are the cutest dang group of people I have ever met. I love my family so much!

Speaking of family, Sarah and Ryan are now PARENTS! I don't know how they did it, or if the nurses mixed up the babies, but Jack is honestly the CUTEST stinkin baby I have ever, EVER seen!!!!

Jack was born on 8.9.10. How fun. I can't wait to see him during Christmas time! Nichole and Mom got to fly out to visit but I have yet to see this cute little thing!

Also, I have been doing a lot more photography lately. I feel like I haven't even necessarily been looking for work, but people keep contacting me... people who have come across my website and have asked me to take portraits for them! What a compliment! I have definitely been busy with that and have even had to turn clients down because I simply do not have the time for the demand I'm getting right now. I am doing a wedding on Saturday and have done a few senior pictures, engagements and bridals... here's a few of my favorites:

And for the biggest and worst event of my recent life.... on Sunday, the 19th, there was an accident at Camp Williams with a machine gun and it started a fire. The fire was fairly small and the Air Force thought they could put it out themselves, but as the wind picked up, the fire went CRAZY! It completely lit up the sky, and as I was driving home from Salt Lake, it hit me that OUR house was right by the mountain that was lit up. When I got home, we were told that our neighbors were all doing a voluntary evacuation. We started to slowly pack up our bags when the mandatory evacuation sirens went off. We got out of the house really quick. At this time, we could see the flames very vividly as they were getting closer and closer... at this time, the fire was 3.5 miles away and coming closer. We were all quite nervous that our home would get torched, but as the wind picked up even more, it started to push the fire away from us, thank goodness. We were evacuated for 4 days and 3 nights and tonight is our first night back. Outside smells really badly of smoke and the mountain side is completely black, but inside out home, there is no nasty smell... at all... what a wonderful blessing! We are all so very happy to be back in the house and be no longer homeless! This has definitely made me a lot more grateful for the little pleasures of life that I enjoy daily and take for granted. It also helps me realize how blessed I am and what a great life I have. I have been given so much, and I feel like I hardly give anything in return. This was definitely a wake-up call for me, and no matter how miserable the past few days were, I am glad they happened because it was a big learning experience for me! I love my life! I love where I am and love all that I have been given. I even love my trials because though they are tough, I would rather have mine than anyone else's.... life is good!

This blog isn't as long as I thought it'd be, but that's always a good thing, right?! :) 

Carpe Diem!