Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Catch up...

So, I guess it's about time to update things on here.

Life has been great, and I have been busier than ever with school starting up again.

Christmas break was phenomenal with Sarah and Ryan getting married! Ah, I'm so happy for them! It's amazing to me to see how Sarah's life has just brought her straight to Ry and how extremely happy she is... I can't wait to experience true happiness that these two have! Ya know, at times, I may have thought I was in love and that I knew what love meant.. but thinking about it now, I think I get so caught up in the moment that I forget to take a step back and analyze things and realize that I have no idea what true loves means. I am excited to find that true love, but until then... single life is terrific :)

So, many of you may have seen that I edited this post. Paul and I broke up last week, but in reality, I am very grateful for the way things turned out. Granted we didn't date long, but things went very fast and everytime I tried to slow down, they went faster.. that's kind of what we get... It was good while it lasted- and I'm glad to finally know more-so what I'm exactly looking for in a future spouse... It's kind of funny though.. the second the word got out, I've been asked on a bunch of dates, which is really fun haha.. I am going on 5 next week. These boys are doing GREAT on my self-esteem! haha! love it! :)

So other than that, school is going great, and I'm excited to be getting my associates finally! From there who knows what exactly I'll be doing! I haven't yet applied to a 4-year school, but I'm hoping to get an internship at LDSBC come fall to be a recruiter! ah, that would be such a great experience!

Oh, I got to make s'mores with the Serrell kids for their first time ever. It was awesome, and though we had to cook the marshmellows, or "fluffies" as Quinn calls them, in the microwave, it was still quite an experience and they LOVED them!

Here's a way cute picture of Quinner...
Those little boys are growing up so fast. I want them to just stop and stay the size they are right now!

Life is good.. great... amazing!