Saturday, May 28, 2011

Mi Hermano, Hunter...

It's true... I am going home! Finally!

I haven't been able to be home since November, and I am ecstatic to see my family and attend Hunter's graduation!

Most of my very most vivid childhood memories are with my brother, Hunter. Through the years, we have gained more of a solid friendship instead of merely a brother-sister relationship. He, without hesitation, "facebook stalks" any boy I start to date and gives me the low-down on his take of them... To be honest, he is actually extremely accurate with his quick overall judgement of the men in my life. I seem to always get defensive when he tells me to drop the guy because he looks like a "fruit" or a "d-bag", but if only I would listen a little more, it'd save me much time in the dating scene... he thinks Alex looks "looks like a man" ha... don't know what exactly that means, but at least it's a positive accusation, right?

I think my very favorite memory of my brother is when I was in a certain situation in my life and was having a really rough time. I had called and talked to my mom and dad for a good couple of hours about it and asked for advice and shortly after hanging up, I got the sweetest text message from him saying he had over heard the conversation and went on to tell me how much he loved me and how he is blessed with such a great sister. I remember getting all teary eyed because if any of you know Hunter, he is a huge tease... He will never full realize how much that simple act helped me and how much strength it gave me to persevere through my rough time...
I should have framed  that text since most of his texts consist of him making fun of me... don't be deceived though, ladies... he's all tough and macho on the outside, but he is the sweetest, most caring and considerate boy I know!

With this being said, I am excited to go to his graduation this next weekend. I cannot believe he is already graduating high school! Insane! I do have to brag a little (not that I haven't this entire post), but Hunter is Chiawana High School's very first Valedictorian! Good Job! That's much more of an accomplishment than being Connell's Valedictorian! ha ha! I CANNOT wait for him to be at BYU in the fall! I look forward to hearing his graduation speech, and I hope I can figure something out to be able to hear his Seminary Graduation talk as well. How wonderful to be speaking at both! He is such a spiritual giant and I know that is why he has been so successful with school and his job. The Lord has blessed him greatly!

Hunter, I love you, little guy! :) You are such an amazing example to me and I hope one day I can be just a fraction of the person that you are! Congrats on your wonderful accomplishments this year! 

I can only imagine the anticipation you must have to realize you are going to be able to see me WHENEVER you want come Fall. Yep. I'd be stoked too ;)

Monday, May 16, 2011

Thoughts of the day...

To be honest, I have stopped blogging a lot because once I view my own blog, I often click on the links to the left of my posts and start browsing through all my married friends and see updates on their life and updates with their cute kids... and then I start to wonder why I can't enjoy that same happiness. I then get down on myself picking apart every thing that is wrong with me to try and improve myself to be a woman who would make a wonderful wife and perfect mother... I nit pick to the point where I get really down and discouraged wondering when the right time will be for me... or wondering when, how, or where I'll meet my EC as we call it....

As I wallow in my self pity, I think to myself.... what do I really have to complain about?! I am living in a BEAUTIFUL home with my sister, I have an incredible job with great pay and benefits, I just lost 15 pounds, just got back from Disneyland, and then a week in paradise at Lake Powell, I am going home in a couple of weeks, I am getting ready to book a cruise in January, I have so many solid, great friends who help me improve every aspect of my life and mostly, I can do whatever I want to whenever I want to and not worry about anyone's schedule and then I realize that I am only 22. How many 22 year olds enjoy all the blessings that I have been able to enjoy? How many people at my age have been able to taste all the wonderful real-life experiences including a solid career as I do?! Is it possible that I am getting so caught up in the "ways of the world" so to speak, that I completely lose sight of what's most important in my life and the entirety of my existence on this Earth?!

I suppose this week at Lake Powell, I had more than enough time to sit and contemplate life and evaluate where I stand and where I need to improve. I was talking to my friend, Alex, and he said regarding a certain situation "I can either be mad about this and not learn anything from it, or I can figure out how I can improve my life to avoid this situation in the future". I have thought about that non stop as I thought he handles stressful situations MUCH better than I and realized if he feels like he needs to improve in those areas, I should consider improving in many, many areas. I then spent the day yesterday with a close friend who is going through a rough split/divorce and it really hit me... I can sit here and be upset with where life is at, or I can improve my life with every situation that comes my way to become who I want to be before involving another person... I thought about that a lot and though I get down from time to time, I cannot dwell on those things, instead I need to figure out how I can improve my life. How I can improve the lives of other and how I can use my time/money/talents to help those around me.... I'm not put on this Earth to dwell in mere existence, but to DO. Do whatever it takes to help and bring up those around me!

.... and there you have blog in months, and now a weird/contemplative one that means nothing to anyone but to myself ha....

God is good, life is great..... I have absolutely nothing to complain about.