Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Today around 11:30, I was looking out the window and told my manager to look at the clouds that seems to be moving really fast, from her window, she can see more to the right then I can, and she jumped up and said "Jenn, that's a fire" we ran outside and the brand new building right by us was rolling black smoke all around the south east side of the building. We called the fire department and by the time they got there, the fire had tripled in size.

Luckily, the building is brand new, and the only people that had to evacuate were a few construction workers. I'm not sure exactly what caused it to light on fire, but it definitely made us nervous being so close to our company. Pieces of the roof came flying onto our grass and bushes completely on fire. Kind of scary if I do say so myself!

You can see the progress from start until the fire trucks arrived. I am very productive at work, I know!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Today's thoughts

Today, I am grateful for my job.

   We had to let one of my co-workers go today, and it made me realize how much I really do appreciate my job. I am so glad that I can wake up each morning knowing that I have a secure job and that I won't be fired when I get into work that day. It's nice to know I can pay my bills and still have some money in the end for fun....

How blessed I am to have such a phenomenal job with only an Associates degree. Not only does it build my accounting experience, but it allows me to budget my money better and gain more responsibility being an adult.

I love my job and couldn't be happier anywhere else! :)

Friday, September 11, 2009


I started a photography class this fall, and I crave my 3 hour classes every Tuesday night.

I never thought I'd be one to get into the whole photography field like everyone else in this world it seems, yet I learned that I'm actually not too terribly bad at it. Who wouldda guessed?

My teacher had me play around with his camera, and he asked me probably five times that first class if I've ever been a photographer before because he says I have an excellent eye for it. We then talked for a good half hour, and I got extremely excited about it all.
I am going to buy a MacBook Pro probably this next week or in about two weeks, and then from there, I want to get a nice SLR camera. Preferably a Canon, yet I am not going to be too picky with my first camera. I have already taken some pictures, and I can't wait to take more! :) How fun!
I am going to start taking senior pictures of some kids I know in the area and see how I feel about that. I have done quite a few senior announcements using photoshop and such, and I think it'd be fun to do it both. Take the pictures and create the invitations.

My header on my blog, for example, I created from scratch on my computer... well obviously I didn't create everything, I just put it together. I think it looks pretty nice, right?! ha....
I'll definitely keep you posted on how this goes, and if I actually end up doing this. I seem to talk big but never act. Those days are OVER! ha.... here are a couple pictures I took this weekend....

Well ha- these were taken on the iPhone, sooooooo obviously not best quality but I'm getting better. I promise..
Silver Lake(and of course, beautiful Leska)