Friday, August 28, 2009


So this picture is kind of blurry... but I cut 7 inches off my hair last night! what I thought was going to be a trim with layers turned out to be a short, shoulder length cut.... I am slowly warming up to it but still don't know exactly how I feel.... let me know what you think. ha... you can be honest too.... I want to know outside opinions!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Cruises, Scooters, and White Vinyl Fences

It all started when the Mickelsen's decided to go on a family cruise to the Bahamas. They got in on Thursday, and I went over on Friday to go visit Kara and see her nice tan and see pictures.
We started getting all excited and antsy and went searching for our next cruise and started planning it for next year... which by the way is going to be absolutely amazing!
We then went to dinner and when we were pulling in, we noticed that Josh and Nicole were out by his scooters and I wanted to see his new one. He seems to always have a new one, but they're kinda fun so we ride them around a lot :).
He showed me his brand new one that had only 2 miles on it. I told him I wanted to ride it but I wasn't meaning I had to right then. Apparently the guys we were with thought Kara and I wanted to go on a ride right then. After going inside, the boys, david and adam, came and asked us to go for a ride with them so we said sure and off we went. I hopped on the back of Adam's and Kara with David.
We reach a stop sign as we approach the exit of Mickelsen's neighborhood, we started to turn the corner, yet Adam overestimated the turning time, and we began to take a very very wide turn- as we were getting closer to the fence across the small street, I realized that no, we were not turning, yet we were heading straight for the fence!
Why weren't we turning?
Turn, Turn Turn... !!!
BAM! white fence in my face!
As I pictured the scooter plummeting to it's death, I did not want to participate in that occasion, so I bailed the bike and jumped off right as we destroyed the neighbors beautiful white vinyl fence. I still hit the fence but I don't really remember much after jumping off. I cannot tell you how I swelled my ankle, tore off many layers of my skin on my shin and ankle or how my eye got a nice bruise and scratch, but I can tell you that I somehow got over to Kara and David's bike by myself. ha...
My head throbbed, but after a few meds, I was feeling much better. Kara says I did a little high pitched, short scream but then again, I have no recollection of the sort. haha.
Poor Adam was scraped up pretty bad. He had never driven a scooter, and then having a girl on the back makes things even worse since he has to balance weight. I feel bad for him, yet then again if I knew it was his first time driving one, I can guarantee either I would have driven, or I wouldn't have gone at all....
Overall it was actually pretty funny thinking about it, but then again Josh's scooter only had 2 miles on it, and the thin little plastic protective covers were still on the seats and front..... ah man!
So...moral of the story.... if you are tempted to ride on a the back of a scooter, stick with a harley davidson cruiser. Harder to wreck. HA.... or better off.... make a guy take you for a ride in his lifted dodge :)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I can't help but wonder how people do not believe in a Supreme Being.

Where did the flowers get their scent? How do trees produce such wonderful fruit? How do animals and bugs and even people know how to act and react to situations in life?

It's amazing to me how powerful and perfect God is. I sat outside last night and looked out at the stars. It blows my mind when I imagine that He has worlds without number... just as the sands of the sea. I cannot even comprehend or begin to comprehend what that is like. Wow. So incredible.

It also completely baffles me how people indeed believe that there is no life after this life. Why would God create us to rot in the ground? Our spirits are merely in a borrowed, temporary body but one day we will all die, and our spirits will be resurected just as Christ and we will live after this life :) It will not be until then that I will fully understand the mysteries of God and how the world was created.

I am antsy and impatient to find out, yet in no way am I ready to leave this life... so i can wait Ü

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Today I am grateful for a messy purse.

On Saturday, a few girl friends and I got all dressed up for a night out. We went to Olive Garden and took full advantage of the fact that everyone there thought we were completely wasted. We had the waiters (who were very good looking by the way) all stopping to talk and say goodbye as they left, and our waiter loved us! :) He just kept bringing us more and more stuff and even gave us a whole bunch of breadsticks to go when we left. It was beautiful! ha

He also brought us a big glass full of the Olive Garden Andes mints. I was so excited with the fact that I usually only get one mint, so I grabbed the glass and poured all the mints in my purse. Carlie actually never even knew we got mints because I hoarded them all to myself. Well, that wonderful idea of mine definitely came back to bite me as I forgot they were in my purse the next day. I left my purse in my car when I went to Mickelsen's for Benson's blessing bbq after church.... I ran over to the church a little later because I had to bring a salad to "Break the fast." when I got back into my car I was enjoying to wonderful smell of mint chocolate until it hit me why I was smelling this in my steaming hot car. The MINTS!

I kind of freaked out as I opened my nice Kathy purse to find it smothered in chocolate. I ran home and pulled everything out of the purse, and luckily I had so many papers and junk in there that I really didn't get chocolate on the lining of the purse. There was a little here and there but it was mostly all over my receipts and wallet... I even threw away a $20 bill because I didn't know what it was! ha.... no worries though, I figured it out quickly and just washed it off! :)

I now know to 1.never act drunk in public 2. never steal and 3. never skip relief society for a family bbq. ha!