Friday, November 21, 2008

The Ball

Friday, the 12th, we had a huge "Founder's Day Ball" at the Utah State Capitol Building for our school. Being in the Student Council, I of course had to go to the ball. I went with one of my really close friends, Josh Mickelsen.

We started the night off at Tucano's which is an AMAZING Brazilian restaurant. Well, actually, we started off the night driving to Tucano's in a beautiful BMW 750LI. Only my ultimate dream car next to the 2009 Aston Martin DB9.
Here are some pictures.. I hope you are filled with envy right now. Ha. just kidding. Anyway, The dance was a ton of fun, and Josh and I danced the night away :) I have some pictures from dinner and from the dance below.... Oh yah, My cousin, Danielle came up from BYU also to hang out and go to the dance with my friend, Kyle! It was SO good to see her!
(Me and Josh before the dance)

(Danielle, me and Jenni at Tucano's)

Our Crazy Awesome Group