Wednesday, July 28, 2010

American Customs and Ways of Life

Have you ever wondered why we do the things we do? Or wonder who comes up with certain "rules" so to speak of life that we all follow and will continue to follow for generations to come?

Why do we walk on the right side of the hallway? Why do we jump as the elevator gets ready to stop to get that little thrill of butterflied filled enjoyment? Why do we kiss our hand, hit the roof of our car and yell "Prididdle" as we run through a yellow light? Why do we avoid stepping on the cracks of the sidewalk?

I sometimes think of these things and wonder who made them up. How they became habbit for Americans accross the country. There are so many silly jokes or games that elementary kids play that are definitely nation wide... where did they originate?! How could one go about making a legend for themselves? How could one go about creating a way of life that all American people live by? Just something weird I thought of this morning.

On a more up-beat note.... I'm going to be an aunt soon and am so excited for Sarah and Ryan to have a beautiful little boy in their home! He's going to be stinkin cute, I already know it :) I love you two!

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