Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Owl City.... Lights....and Fist Fights

I am sure you are wondering what in the world the title of this post means... although I didn't mean to rhyme, I'll take credit for a rhyming blog title ha!

I bought Kara Owl City tickets for her birthday, and we went to the concert on April 12th. When we got there, we were way bummed to see the line go ALL the way around the Great Saltair out to the parking we stood... in the pouring rain until we got to the door.... Smart me realized I had an umbrella in the car the whole sometimes I amaze myself with my brilliancy.

We get inside and got ourselves a tasty little hamburger and then realized we forgot our ID's in the car too SO now not only are we wet from forgetting the umbrella, but we can't go up to the balcony to David Archuletta's special booth to hang out with all the other "adults". Again, bummed, but oh well.

The band that opened for Owl City was called Lights. They were great! Since then I have purchased a few of their songs and let me tell you- their songs are great, but they sound much much better hearing them live. I love when bands are better live then on their CD's. I was very impressed with them; however, I was not very fond of the two in front of me dancing and going crazy to every song that they sang (Mind you, I am only centimeters away from the guy in front of own special little dance was not what I paid for) The people behind us told Kara and I to follow them and we literally pushed our way to the dead center of the concert.... about 7th row back. I definitely wasn't complaining...until these teenage little beebopers decided to make a huge scene swearing and yelling at the little girls besides us... it was super annoying, but luckily they finally left to go closer to the front. Only a few minutes later, I see a huge commotion and see this cute little 13 or so year old get shoved into the crowd and then immediately there's a massive fight between that group of girls and a handful of other girls. I look over to this guy standing next to me and without hesitation, we jump into the middle of the brawl. I start ripping girls off of eachother and just shoving them into the crowd so people could grab them... one girl, the main girl of the wolf pack, decided it'd be a fun idea to try to punch me and rip my hair out... she didn't get very far, but just as she came for her second huge swing, my adrenaline was up so high, that I wasn't even hesitant to knock her lights out and sock her in the face. I was pretty confident that I was stronger than her, and was anticipating the rough swift right to her nose..I would have no qualms in pummeling this little girl.... buuut just as you wake up to dreams as they reach their climax, kara grabbed me and pulled me out of the big group just as the thought crossed my mind. To be honest, I probably would have really punched this chick if no one was there to stop me.. ha! Thank goodness for Kara! :) My favorite part was when the guy next to me said "wow, you're strong, that girl was a feisty one. I don't know how you held her arms down for so long" haha! What can I say... I'mma farm girl ;)

We left about five minutes after all this settled down because if I even thought I was remotely sweaty and nasty before I jumped into the middle of that fist fight, I don't know how to even describe how gross I was afterwards! ha

I was filled with so much euphoria from those two minutes of crazinessness that I was hyper all night ... my three hour sleep that night was not a very good idea trying to drag myself to work and the gym the next day... I don't recommend it..

Moral of the story. Don't let tall skinny men bump and grind up to you at an Owl City concert. It causes a domino effect resulting in nearly beating drunk teenage girls to a pulp :)

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Andrew and Jenna said...

Oh my gosh! That's awesome. You're my hero :)