Saturday, March 13, 2010


Wow- I haven't updated this in a couple months! I got back from the beautiful island of Oahu this past Wednesday. I wish I were still there. It was such a fun experience!
Kara and I arrived on Wednesday the 3rd and got into our rental car (of which I am more than grateful we had during this trip), and headed to La'ie  to stay with our friend, Ashley, who's going to school down there. It was SO nice to not have to pay for a hotel for an entire week! We got along with her roommates great, and felt soooo welcome which definitely helped make our trip that much better.

My favorite part was probably the Polynesian Cultural Center. That was way neat, and the show was amazing! I loved it! annnnndddd all the very attractive poly men DEFINITELY was the number one highlight of the trip! ha! you think i'm joking....

Tell me this is not a taste of Heaven! ha!

My second highlight was Pearl Harbor. Since both of my grandfathers served in WWII, it made everything more serious for me to think about. There are still parts of the USS Arizona above water. I sat and stared at them for a long time trying to reenact the event in my mind. I got choked up a little bit thinking of it all, but I'm very grateful for our soldiers that risk their lives for our country every day. So selfless, so brave!

Remains of the USS Arizona

USS Missouri 

My next favorite was the Dole Plantation... not because it was overly amazing or mind blowing, but simply because you could eat the best tasting pineapple you'll EVER have... I ate wayyyyyyy too much there! Pineapple ice cream goodness with chopped ones on top mmmm so good!

I also LOVED going to Ruth's Chris. I had never been there and though it was crazy expensive, it was fun to go to an extremely nice, sit down restaurant! :)

As for those who are wanting to go to Hawaii and want to know recommendations.... this is all you need to know:
1. Acai Bowls... if you see a sign for one, STOP- go buy one RIGHT THEN! ha.... sooo delicious, and healthy! 
2. North Shore and Lanikai. North Shore has great waves and is amazing to watch the sunset. 

Lanikai is one of the world's most beautiful beaches. You can see how blue that water is... soooo nice! the sand there was really fine and ahhh loved it! ha

I loved my quick week-long getaway, I wish I were still there as reality is NOT fun to come back to... Work, responsibilities, and dating... three things I could do without for a long time! :) 


Todd and Christianne said...

Looks like you had a blast! Someday I will make it to Hawaii...someday! You look so pretty in all of your pictures. Glad you had such a great time.

Anonymous said...

jenn, totally random, this is julia hanaike..and i was looking at your cute blog, and one of the attractive men from the PCC in your pic is my friend hah! he served his mission here a while ago, and we have kept in touch! so, you just let me know if you need some more polynesian loving, and i can help you out HAHA!!